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Allow me to help you with your animation and animation workflow.  Students  have come to me and ask me to help them with their "hire-ability" to punch up their show reel or help them with their workflow.. Instead of a workshop they wanted individual attention.. I have created custom programs that I feel will laser focus on the problems they face creating animation that flows and tells a story. 

I want to do that for YOU !  Let me help you get rid of old bad habits, get you faster in your execution, and challenge your ability to think like a pro animator. 


Jim is an amazing animation teacher with many years of professional experience at top studios. He has taken that on-the-job knowledge and created a learning experience that is unparalleled.  He built a curriculum that was tailored to my specific challenges as an animator with a focus towards my goal of revising my reel. Through small manageable assignments, Jim transformed my animation by building my skills one at a time. He changed the way I approached each shot and after only a few months I saw massive improvements in my work. I now have confidence in both my technical and artistic choices as an animator. I would recommend Jim as teacher to anyone who is interested in a career in animation or anyone who wants to take their animation to the next level. -- Sophia
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