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Full Body Acting  (FBA)  11 weeks

Workshop 2 Start: June 19, 2018 (Tues)

11 Weeks
Closing the gap between your vision and the technology. 

 Student picks an appropriate audio clip that resonates with him/her, and will choose acting poses that support the emotional contact of the dialogue.  Emphasis on great storytelling poses and facial animation shapes, how to create a reference video,  raising the standard to feature quality animation, and timing and spacing.  The end product will be a shot worthy of your show reel. WS2 is designed to get you ready for feature animation.  Working from reference you learn how to act for reference and then how to pick the right key poses. We cover learning about the specifics of acting,  the subtleties of movement  and little technical tricks along the way to speed up the work flow.  

Hey Jim,


I am really glad that I did this workshop as it gave me perfect understanding of basics like how to selecting right dialogue, how to make acting choices and most importantly how to incorporate that acting reference in shot.


I would definitely recommend this workshop for someone who wants to learn and have a feature quality animation shot in their reel.


Pushkar  Singing Frog Studio, Montreal

Building great animation starts with a good rig.  There are many good rigs out there now for any animator to get started.. Pick a few from this site

( click rig link below)  and it will send you to the proper website to download your choice. If you are a graduate from another school you may have access to their rigs.. Please check for permissions. 

Lecture is an hour

Review of your work will last as long as it needs, usually 10 to 15 minutes per person, or in many cases, - longer. 

Lecture Time is on Tuesday nights at 10 pm

Then Reviews of your assignment will occur  on Sunday and Monday at 10pm EST 

Depending on how many students we have we will divide the number half for either Sunday or Monday. Please note that you will be required to put in many hours per week for the assignment.. SO make sure you can commit the time! 


Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Watch Now
Some samples of student work at various stages of production . Click on the arrows to see more work. 
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