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Animation Showreels

Jamieson Vitamins Commercial TonicDna Studio

I animated and supervised a set of commercials for TonicDna under the directorship of Todd Shaffer and Stefanie Bitton. The last half of the Lab commercial was animated by tonic junior animator Laurianne Fortin who I supervised and  was responsible for teaching her pro animation techniques.

Heading 1

LAB                                                                 ClipBoard

Looney Tunes 2D animation.

Back in Action!! back to 2D traditional animation using ToonBoom software. This took a while because Warner Brothers took some time before they released all the Looney Tunes shorts on HBO MAX. I am not allowed to show the animation so I am showing the screenshots of the scenes I did on the episode BIG LEAGUE BEAST 

                                   For private viewing, ask for password. 


 Jim van der Keyl Animation Show Reels

Best of show reel 

2018 Reel  Racetime! and Beauty and the Beast (2017)

2012 Reel supplemental 

FreeBirds, Rio2 ,and the Nutjob -- Freelance animation 


I started a storyboard class with Sergio Paez and this was my first assignment.